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Craig Stearns was brought up in a small town in Vermont where he made student films in High School.  A pre-med student at the University of Vermont he also took film courses and was accepted into the USC film program.  There he directed and shot many short films and graduated. 

During his school breaks Craig began working for the renowned designer Charles Eames.  The work included working on architectural models, museum exhibitions and shooting educational films.  Stearns worked there on a part time basis for many years and was greatly influenced by the experience.

At USC school Craig met director John Carpenter and worked in the art department on his first features, Assault On Precinct 13, the cult classic Halloween and The Fog. He went on to design other thrillers, including Children of the Corn and The Blob.

Craig also designed many comedies, including Indian Summer, staring Diane Lane and Bill Paxton, Till There Was You, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Dylan McDermott and Jeanne Tripplehorn, and the box office successes Big Momma’s House and Big Momma’s House 2 starring Martin Lawrence for 20th Century Fox.

At New Line Cinema, Stearns designed The Mask, starring Jim Carrey and introducing Cameron Diaz.  His work on The Mask garnered him a BAFTA nomination.

Craig teamed up with horror master Stephen King on four projects including two mini-series for ABC, Storm of the Century and Rose Red the latter of which earned him an Emmy nomination.

Stearns also directed 2nd unit on three of the Stephen King projects earning him membership into the Directors Guild of America.

Internationally Stearns designed the New Line thriller Amusement, which was shot in Budapest and Not Forgotten, a drama shot in New Mexico and Mexico City, starring Simon Baker and Paz Vega. He also spent more than a year in Australia designing Power Rangers for 20th Century Fox.

Other features include Bottle Shock shot in Napa and Sonoma with Allan Rickman, Chris Pine and Bill Pullman, You Again, a Disney Picture starring Kristen Bell, Sigourne Weaver and Jamie Leigh Curtis, Savannah a period drama with Jim Caviezel, Chiwetel Ejlofor and Jamie Alexander and CBGB about the iconic NYC club and birthplace of punk rock, with Allen Rickman, Ashely Greene and Rupert Grint.

Craig’s recent television projects include Veronica Mars, The Gifted, 

24: LegacyJane the Virgin and Halt and Catch Fire including designing their permanent sets.

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